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福建31选7论坛 www.07ha.cn 【导语】国际妇女节是全世界许多国家都庆祝的节日。这一天,妇女们作出的成就得到肯定,无论她们的国籍、民族、语言、文化、经济状况和政治立场如何。以下是无忧考网为大家精心整理的内容,欢迎大家阅读。 篇一

  Today is March 8, International Women's Day is to commemorate the world of working women to fight for peace and democracy, women's liberation struggle holiday.

  Since yesterday, I discussed with my father on how to make my mother happy over the holiday. I would first make a suggestion: "Give my mother to buy a new phone." Dad thought for a moment, said: "Mom bought a mobile phone soon, you can use, there is no need to change." Dad said: "We go out to buy some cosmetics, her mother there." I am opposed to: "Mom's cosmetics too much, many of which are not all useful." My Father and I are anxious, and in the end what got her point? We simply asked her what he wanted bar. But my mother said: "I do not want to buy, I just want to sleep." I do not know why my mother this way, but I know my mother is very hard to control more than 300 college students, daytime talk, meetings, writing papers, fill out information and give students lessons, etc. in the evening and students should check the study up the bedroom. If it is me, I would like the mother, in addition to want to sleep, the other wants to do nothing.

  However, I and Dad are determined to give my mother, "International Women's Day" gifts, things came back to buy her mother was shocked at my father bought a goggles and a pillow, my mother smiled.

  I wish Mom "Women's Day" Happy!






  Today is "March" Women's Day, I want to do several things to help his mother, let her have a happy holiday.

  At noon, I came home and found the table already filled with delicious food, but just could not see her mother. Suddenly, I heard a sound of laundry to the laundry and saw the stage, my mother was washing clothes. I said: "Mom, you go to eat, I'll wash. Because today is your holiday, I want to make you happy." "Are you okay?" Mom asked, smiling. "OK," I said. Mom went to eat doubtfully.

  I picked up the sleeves, took out a piece of clothing, wet with blisters, and then cast soap, then rub hard. Yeah rub rub, rub my hands are red, but there are still a little greasy clothes, do not rub clean. I had to rinse with a brush, then rinse well with water and the clothes clean. I washed some clothes, my mother came, looked at me hard to look like, my mother smiles, so happy, so happy.

  Evening, I rush to help her mother wash the dishes, I washed dishes placed neatly. Mother looked, smiled and said: "So this is Yao Yao gave me holiday 'gift'!"

  Although I am more tired than usual today, but I am very happy because I let my mother had a happy holiday season.


中午,我回到家,发现已经充满了美味的食物表,但就是不见她的母亲。突然,我听到了洗衣的声音洗衣服,看到舞台上,我的母亲洗衣服。我说:“妈妈,你去吃饭,我会洗因为今天是您的节日,我想使你快乐?!?“你还好吗?”妈妈笑着问。 “好吧,”我说。妈妈去疑惑地吃。





  On March 8th, 1975, the United Nation started to celebrate the International Women’s Day. In China, the women’s day also called “March 8th”day. Why we celebrate women’s day? There is a long story.

  在1975年的3月8日,联合国开始庆祝国际妇女节。在中国,这个节日又被称之为“三八妇女节”。为什么我们要庆祝妇女节呢?这里有个故事要说: On March 8th, 1909, the Women’s Union of Chicago demonstrated against the inequality between men and women. They demanded that they should have the same payments, the same working hours as men had, and they should have the rights to vote. They even put forward a slogan: Bread and Rose, which stood for equal payment and a better living standard. This demonstrated had caused international attention to the women’s rights. A year later, a critical meeting was held in Demark, in order to promote the women’s liberation and equal rights, the council members decided to establish the Women’s Day on March 8th. Then March 8th, 1911 just became the first Women’s day.


  In our country, during the women’s day, the women usually have a day-off holiday. The communities or companies will organize the recreational activities such as a spring outing, a nice dinner and some extra welfare. On this special day, the women can really realize that a woman’s value is not only giving birth to a child, doing endless housework, but also find her own status in the modern society. That is she can make a different. She can do everything that a man can do. When you look around, you will find that more and more women are acting as scientists, doctors, lawyers, even leaders. Just try to remember, women rule half of this world. The life could quite different without their wisdom and beauty.


  Happy International Women’s Day!


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